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   Who SsSsaid learning can't be FUN!

Class outings can be an administrative nightmare, so forget about busses, permission slips, and costly admission fees, Reptile Party Time will make your pupil's lesson come ALIVE as we bring the animals right into your classroom for an educational experience like no other! Children will learn about animal behaviour, habitat, survival instinct & the importance of conservation in an interactive, hands-on manner. We are well equipt to deal with larger groups and adapt our show to suit pupils of all ages. Be the coolest teacher in the entire school & book your reptile classroom experience today!

Here's what educators had to say about our school demonstrations


To add some fun & feel into the Natural Science & Life Skills curriculum, Sunnyvale Primary School held a reptile demonstration. Pupils where delighted to get up-close & personal with the scaly creatures. The event was a tremendous success.

-Sunnyvale Primary


Dean, thank you so much for your AMAZING visit to Hillcrest Primary School last week! Both children and educators were blown away! You have such a gift with reptiles and children. Please carry on doing the amazing job you're doing.

-Jolene Goveia, Hillcrest Primary


Little Munchkins loved the reptile show, the fact that Dean allowed them to particiapte and kept their attention was wondrful and made the children even more brave and interested in reptiles. I would difiantly recommend Reptile Party Time to any school or parent.

-Little Munchkins Pre-Primary


The Grade 4 and 5 classes slithered into the fascinating world of reptiles with the help of Dean from Reptile Party Time last week. Children and teachers alike enjoyed the opportunity to learn hands on about these fascinating creatures with the bravest being willing to hold tarantulas and stroke snakes. Pupils had the oppertunity o learn in a real life, tactile situation which is always beneficial.

-Glenashley Preparatory School